Watts on National Election

What theological justifications for nationhood might our forefathers born against today’s multiculturalism? How might the case for nation been made compared to present day global identities? During the 18th and 19th centuries– a time corresponding to rising Anglo-power– ‘national election’ was an idea shared equally by Arminians and Calvinists. Among the former, I’ve run across this brand of election in writings by the luminous Rt. Rev. William White, forty year primate of the Protestant Episcopal Church (USA), and especially Mr. Adam Clarke of the Wesleyan Methodists from the UK. Previously, I touched the subject respecting William Smith’s Temporal Salvation where the concept was integral to the progress of American civilization, also known as manifest destiny. Admittedly, I know less of the Calvinist belief, but last year ran across Rev. Isaac Watts’s moral poetry for school children. Watts was an Independent minister in England and is known for his voluminous hymns. Anyway, his Divine and Moral Songs for Children introduce ‘national election’ in an easy and digestible form.  Continue reading